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Koloskov is an architectural illustrator who is currently working as a designer and illustrator at Rottet Studio. Maksim got his Master’s degree in architecture from Moscow Architectural Institute, a school with a strong emphasis in Beaux-Arts.  His illustrations have been featured across several platforms and won many awards, including the American Society of Architectural Illustrators juried exhibitions, Architectural Record’s “Cocktail Napkin Sketch” contest, and hyperlapse inspiration videos for Elle Decor.

While working with leading architecture and design firms such as Gensler and Rottet Studio, hand sketching and quick renderings were always my tools of choice for presenting ideas and conveying design intent. I find that hand renderings are especially beneficial at the beginning of the project, when the ideas of design are just starting to formulate. There is a sense of what the space should feel like, but not much detail developed yet in order to do a CG rendering. Watercolor is my primary medium, and I’ve also worked extensively with markers and mixed media. For my watercolor renderings, I typically develop a basic model in SketchUp; then, after reviewing it with the design team and selecting the best storytelling views, I create a pencil line drawing. Many times, I scan the line drawing first and later combine it with watercolor in Photoshop. This process allows me to experiment with different color variations without affecting the line drawing, or to edit the line drawing without changing the color portion of the rendering. Utilizing methods such as this allows me to create detailed and visually compelling work in a short amount of time.

Instagram: @maksimvkoloskov

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