Borges holds degrees in architecture from the Central University of Venezuela and Cornell University. Currently, he is an assistant professor in the Department of Architecture at Texas A&M. Borges is the recipient of several national and international awards in architecture and art and has participated in solo and collective exhibitions and fine arts biennials.

The work shown (photographed by Marcel Erminy) corresponds to my current investigation, which is based on two particular notions. First, it is an attempt to explore the integration of art and architecture as a symbiosis. Drawing, painting, collage, and assemblage become mechanisms of mediation between architectural notions of space and their representation. They constitute different elements of interpreting the duality of object and space. The second notion is framed by an exploration of how architectural concepts such as light, shadow, projection, sublimation, transformation, etc., can also be interpreted from a psychological perspective, in which both coexist in a series of dichotomies such as: order/chaos; individual/collective; subject/object; rational/irrational; conscious/unconscious. These hand drawings express how Texas acts as a frame of reference for my perceptions of reality and how Texas landscapes and urban and suburban spaces are merged through a series of superimpositions, collisions, and juxtapositions with my Venezuelan essence. These are made with pencil and black ink on paper or museum board. Some of my drawings combine pencil, ink, acrylic, charcoal, and wrinkled paper and cloth as well as sand paper to create different textures.

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