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Esquivel is currently a professor at Texas A&M University and previously taught at The Ohio State University Department of Design and School of Architecture. He was educated as an architect in Mexico City and holds a degree from the National University and a Master’s degree in architecture from The Ohio State University.

The process of producing the image begins with the question of what the subject of that image is. This is then rendered using its base 3-D geometry. The subject maintains its depth through the use of shadows and interlacing of 2-D accompanying elements that complementarily exaggerate the subject. The accompanying elements then take on notions of flatness, being executed through line work, singular color, or patterning. In order to achieve hierarchy through the accompanying elements, contrast is utilized between colors; presence is utilized in line, weight, and regularity; irregularity is utilized for patterning. Conventions of architecture are still used when producing these drawings. The project is represented in section, plan, interiority, and axonometric. Interactions of poché can be seen through the interfacing between figure and ground, as well as in architectural moments.

Instagram: @gabriel_esquivel_pdel

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