Open Range Collection
Mannington Commercial

The Open Range rubber plank flooring collection offers enhanced performance and acoustics for healthcare, education, office, and retail interiors. Tonal differences from plank to plank create a visual depth that resembles organic elements such as wood grain or natural stone veining. Open Range comes in a 6.25” x 42” plank format in 12 warm and neutral tones. Mannington’s thermoset rubber formula helps the material retain its color, resists indentation and cracking, and offers superior scratch resistance due to low clay and high pigment content.

Tavo Table Collection
Davis Furniture

Designed by jehs+laub, the Tavo conference table collection centers around a sculptural, concrete base with a striking silhouette. Davis recently added a double base option for the series, lengthening the table up to 192 inches. Tabletops come in various materials in a range of natural hues, from solid wood slabs to Fenix, a non-porous material made of over 60 percent paper and 30 to 40 percent thermosetting resins. Resting between the tabletop and its concrete base is a steel structure that provides support and wire management.


Created in collaboration with STUDIOS Architecture, the Palette family of furniture and technology support can be configured to create highly functional conference and huddle rooms, as well as shared and private office space. Palette’s central design feature is a wall-mounted lattice structure that self-levels and serves as an anchor for all wiring and system elements. Enhancements to Palette this year include three new sit/stand options, floor-standing wardrobes and credenzas, flush-mounted power and data access, and Huddle Table meeting rooms.

NOOK Huddle

NOOK, a maker of multipurpose pods for education, healthcare, and work environments, is moving its North American production to the United States. NOOK Huddle is optimized for the North American market with a streamlined design, simpler construction, and dimensions that make it easier to move and specify. Designers can customize NOOK Huddle with Wilsonart laminate surfacing and CF Stinson fabrics and embed logos and other branding. Also new from the brand is a pod designed to provide a calming refuge for those with social and emotional challenges.

Nuez Lounge BIO
Andreu World

With a three-dimensional shell made of 100 percent recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable bioplastic, Nuez Lounge BIO completes a collection designed by Patricia Urquiola. The green pedigree of the chair continues with interior upholstery made from PET bottle plastics and textile waste, foam that is 100 percent recycled and 100 percent recyclable, and a 100 percent FSC-certified ash wood base. The chair can easily be taken apart, prolonging its life, and making it easier to separate and recycle individual components at the end of its usefulness.

Silen Space Hybrid

Silen is an Estonian manufacturer of modular silent spaces that help users focus in open spaces. Silen Space Hybrid is a complete product range of ADA/EAA-compliant pods with a universal design, giving everyone access to the brand’s sound reduction and customization opportunities that match a range of interiors. Silen Space Hybrid solves the issue of accessibility by offering a much wider door that opens and closes automatically, a very low threshold for easy entry, and foldable table and seats that give more room to move around.

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