We present the latest storage options for home or office — from desktop treasure boxes to sound-absorbing cabinets. 

Tone Cabinets

Allsteel has partnered with Swedish acoustics solutions brand Zilenzio on a collection of sound-absorbing workplace furnishings including seating, screens, dividers, ceiling-mounted absorbers, wall coverings, and storage. Tone cabinets help dampen sound in the workplace or at home, making it easier to focus and concentrate. Designed to absorb certain frequencies of sound, the fabric-covered storage cabinets are made of solid wood with stone wool filling. Tone comes in sizes 21.7-in, 43.3-in, and 65-in wide, and 27.6-in, 44.9-in, and 62.2-in high.

Poppin Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet
MoMA Design Store

Those working from home or in the office can keep important documents and office supplies handy in this powder-coated steel Poppin Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet made exclusively for MoMA Design Store by Poppin. The file cabinet features custom-color hand pulls that match the drawers’ interiors, a large hanging file bottom drawer that fits both letter and legal folders, and two drawers with adjustable dividers for office essentials. The cabinet measures 24-in-high by 15.75-in wide by 20-in deep and can be securely locked.

Zhuang Collection
Poltrona Frau

In Chinese, “zhuang” means to protect something precious, so the Shanghai-based architectural firm Neri&Hu aptly named their group of high-end accessories the Zhuang Collection. Designed for Italian furnishings maker Poltrona Frau, the collection includes a series of small, stackable containers that have a resemblance to bamboo dumpling steamers. The two circular and oval boxes feature leather lids and four stackable containers held together by a matte, dark gold aluminum base. The collection also includes two trays, a multipurpose box, a pen holder with a ruler, and a desktop working pad.

PL PORTRAY & IQ Digital Lock Box

The PL PORTRAY bathroom cabinet offers two mirror designs and a configurable interior featuring Robern technology such as a phone holder, a sliding magnification mirror, and USB and electrical outlets. Shown here, inside of the medicine cabinet is the Robern IQ Digital Lock Box, which provides smart, safe, and secure storage. The interior-mounted lock box can be used to keep personal items, medication, or valuables safely hidden away from visitors and children. The lock box offers key code entry, remote access, and tamper notifications via smartphone.

NYNY Collection
Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

Furniture maker Gebrüder Thonet Vienna has adopted the brand’s classic archetypes of bent wood and woven cane to the NYNY family of storage units designed by Storagemilano. The horizontal wood and woven cane sideboard can be fixed to the wall thanks to a metal bracket-shaped structure with a satin brass finish. The collection also includes a vertical container of stacked drawers with a “totemic spirit” and a chest of drawers. Each piece of furniture is available in three lacquered wood color options with decorative woven cane inserts.

Palisades Luxe

Workspace solutions manufacturer Spacestor introduced Palisades Luxe to its range of customizable zone dividers in response to the rising trends in hospitality and “resimercial” spaces. Palisades Luxe features modular components and a sleek, minimalist structure to create zones, statement pieces, or displays with accessories including mirrors, alcoves, and shelves. It is movable and reconfigurable, offering a flexible way to divide space in offices, restaurants, hotels, and other projects without building permanent walls.

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