These new finishes and furnishings help define interior landscapes, reduce noise, and stand up to the high-performance needs of today’s commercial spaces. 

Plaid Ceiling Scape
Turf Design

The Plaid ceiling scape is available as a standalone cloud or a continuous system that comes with optional tile caps to add a coffered look. Plaid is offered in three different size tiers — from a minimum of 3-by-4-inches to a maximum of 16-by-24-inches. The solution is available in Turf’s 9 mm PET felt in a new palette of 32 shades and eight textures. A noise-reducing coefficient ranging from 0.60 to 0.90 make Plaid a practical system for commercial spaces.

Gather Acoustical Panels

Gather Acoustical is a lightweight, semi-rigid panel system in a 100 percent recycled PET construction that helps reduce stressful noise in workplace, education, and other contract spaces. Twelve saturated colorways can be used alone as solid color panels or digitally printed, engraved, precision-cut, layered, folded, or woven into 20 different high-performing dimensional constructions. Gather offers noise-reducing coefficient values between 0.25 and 0.90 and can be applied directly to a wall or layered and mounted with Z-clip or standoff hardware. Wolf-Gordon supports each order of Gather with in-house acoustical expertise and project management.

Bolon Studio
Matter Surfaces

Ideal for high-traffic areas, the Bolon Studio of woven vinyl flooring is available to U.S. designers exclusively through design flooring source Matter Surfaces. The relaunched collection makes use of the direction of the material’s weft and warp to reflect light and add dimension and features geometric, graphic, and organic shapes that are mixed and matched with textures and colors from existing Bolon collections. The tiles are made in Sweden using only renewable energy, contain recycled material, and come in nine different shapes and 13 sizes.

Microoffice Spark

Made in the Czech Republic from a varnished beech frame and sound-insulating glass, Microoffice Spark is the first acoustic mobile room designed to create a quiet zone in the extremely noisy industrial sector. Designed for one person, the room offers an energy-saving motion sensor, sound-insulating acoustic foam, LED lighting, a solid oak handle and magnetic lock, and upholstered exterior panels. Accessories include SilentLab’s Clarity System, which uses ionization to remove dust from the air, eliminate unpleasant odors, discharge static electricity, and neutralize dangerous microorganisms. 

Sattel Mobile Seating System

Ideal for breakout collaborative sessions in the office or small group work in the classroom, the Sattel includes lightweight upholstered stools, a bench, and a wagon to easily transport the system. The stools stack five units high and have an integrated handle, foam-wrapped molded ply frame with a layered foam cushion, and protective leg glides. The Sattel bank is a static seating solution that offers power and storage of up to three individual stools. The wagon can stack up to three layers of stools and features a handle and smooth motion swiveling casters.


Spacestor’s Arcadia system takes inspiration from timeless architectural forms to provide a new space-making toolkit for the workspace. Created along with product design consultants at Gensler, Arcadia uses only five classic geometric building blocks to create enclosures, semi-enclosures, space-makers, and linear separators. The organic shapes and soft upholstered melamine faced chipboard (MFC) forms include classic colonnades, portals, pantheons, porticos, forums, rotundas, and cloisters. Available in an earthy palette of six colors, the kit has a patented quick-release joining system that allows shapes to be reused and reconfigured as future needs adapt. 

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