Holly Haus
Aubry Klingler and Jacob T. Middleton
The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture

From the Jury:

“I love the juxtaposition between two very dissimilar building typologies — the mat building and the single-family house. I think the tension created between those two produces unexpected results, like the private courtyards or even the shared party walls between units. It takes the idea of a party wall and really turns the dial to maximize what it can possibly do.” — Kyle Coburn

Holly Haus proposes a missing middle typology for Austin’s Holly neighborhood, a long-time working-class, primarily Latino community combatting gentrification due to its proximity to downtown and the riverfront. One-bedroom apartments, the area’s most affordable living option, are highly priced and lack the privacy and outdoor space available in single-family homes. The design solution relies on a mat-type structure derived from a 20 ft x 20 ft grid that relates to the neighborhood’s context and scale. The use of a regular grid, shared walls, and modular rooms reduces construction costs, and units can expand, contract, or share spaces based on residents’ preferences or income. Each unit includes a front door, parking spot, and private outdoor space to provide occupants with a sense of ownership and individuality.

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