HKS Design Fellowship: Andrew Smith and Ryan Griffin

From the Jury:

“Turning potentially prosaic infrastructure into a memorial or monument through the gesture of the large vertical elements and repetition is an incredibly strong way of taking what could be a fairly pragmatic response to a very pressing problem and turning it into something more.”
— Roy Cloutier

Hac-a-Frac is a call to arms for repurposing the more than 430,000 active and abandoned hydraulic fracturing wells across the state into a decentralized aquifer storage, filtration, recovery, and quality monitoring network. Created via deployment of an open-source gas well conversion kit, the network would be fed by the ever-increasing stormwater runoff resulting from suburban sprawl, providing resilience against the extremes of flood and drought and an awareness of the otherwise invisible hydrology beneath our feet. With an appearance referencing the drilling derricks that once littered the Texas landscape, Hac-a-Frac acts as a functioning memorial to past ecological damage and a beacon of our progress toward remediation. 

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