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2025 marks Texas Architect’s 75th year of publication. In honor of this milestone, we kickoff the year under a fresh magazine design. Project types of any kind may be submitted for consideration. The theme for each issue is intentionally broad and open to interpretation. We recommend that you consider how your project or article idea might align with an issue when crafting your submission. Pitches and supporting materials should be sent through the online submission portal. 


Volume 75, No. 1

Feature: Utopia 

 “Utopia,” meaning “no place,” is a play on the Greek eu-topos, “a good place.” At the core of this more-than-five-centuries-old pun lies the eternal question: Can a perfect place ever be realized? In this issue we unpack the qualities and characteristics of places we aspire to and the architecture that helps us get there. 

Editorial: Aug. 31, 2024
Ads Close: Jan. 17, 2025
Ads Due: Jan. 24, 2025

Volume 75, No. 2

Feature: Feedback

 From mentorship to research, from public work to AI prompts, feedback is embedded throughout our architectural systems and culture. In this issue we explore what it means to “return back to the machine”and how architecture influences and is influenced by the world around us. 

Editorial: Nov. 29, 2024
Ads Close: March 28, 2025
Ads Due: April 4, 2025

Volume 75, No. 3

Feature: The Senses

 The entire human experience is predicated upon the input we receive from our environment through our senses. These perceptual systems play a part in everything from the generation of transformative experiences to chronic disease. In this issue we consider the different ways we experience being human and how architecture might better support us all.  

Editorial: Jan. 31, 2025
Ads Close: May 30, 2025
Ads Due: June 6, 2025

Volume 75, No. 4

Feature: The Awards Issue
 Made in Texas
Special Insert: Design Expo Exhibitor Guide

In this issue we showcase the winners of the Texas Society of Architects’ 2025 Design Awards, Studio Awards, and Honor Awards programs. These projects and people exhibit the diverse range and excellence of our state’s architectural community. 

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Editorial: March 31, 2025
Ads Close: Aug. 29, 2025
Ads Due: Sept. 5, 2025

Volume 75, No. 5

Feature: Sanctuary
Kitchen and Bath

At its most fundamental level, architecture functions as shelter, as refuge, as sanctuary. It protects us from the elements and provides solace when we feel broken. In this issue we examine the physical and cultural forms of sanctuary and how we create spaces that not only help us feel safer but also build community. 

Editorial: June 30, 2025
Ads Close: Oct. 31, 2025
Ads Due: Nov. 7, 2025

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