Here are some of the latest surfacing options for walls, ceilings, partitions, and commercial furnishings.

Infusions Resilient Partitions
Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions

With the introduction of Infusions Resilient Partitions, Armstrong offers a quick retrofit solution for spaces that require social distancing. The non-porous, easily cleanable, translucent vertical wall partitions can reconfigure existing shared spaces into protected and segmented zones for people returning to work, school, and other indoor environments. These large-format, standard 24-in-by-96-in wall panels are easy to install and can be hung from ceilings or walls. Unlike plain plexiglass sheets, they are artfully designed in a variety of patterns and colors.

Camira StaySafe

UK-based fabric manufacturer Camira has globally launched Camira StaySafe, an advanced textile treatment that destroys viruses and kills bacteria when applied to a fabric, ensuring upholstery does not act as a potential source of transmission. Independently tested to reduce viral activity on a fabric by 97 percent, the treatment is suited for commercial spaces that feature multi-occupancy furniture. Camira StaySafe is a combination of silver and liposome technologies that attract, attack, and then kill the entire virus.   


Carnegie now offers WOOD-SKIN architectural panels to the North American market. Made in Italy, the panels are created through proprietary software and technology — a direct file-to-machine process — which tessellates the surface of a 3-D model, generating its precise unfolded geometries onto sheets of rigid composite material. Once machined, each sheet is connected through a textile core to recreate the exact configuration of the digital design without the use of heavy and expensive structures. Clients can define the external layers by choosing from a range of materials including wood, laminates, aluminum, and felt. 

Glazed Basalto 
New Ravenna

Glazed Basalto is a natural volcanic stone exclusive to New Ravenna that can withstand extensive use without losing its vibrancy. The Glazed Basalto material palette has 13 new colors, including jewel and earth tones, silver, 24-karat gold, and a shimmery opalescent effect. The hand-glazing process gives depth to the material, and the natural geode inclusions add an organic texture. The collection includes designs inspired by mid-century modern graphics, tales from “Arabian Nights,” textiles, quilting, and nature. 

Sugar Linear Palm Panels
Smith & Fong

Produced from Indian black palm (sugar palm), Durapalm Sugar Linear Panels feature graining with a multidimensional visual texture. The panels have a solid bamboo core for strength and stability and can be used for walls, cabinetry, and store fixtures. The 100 percent non-wood panel is manufactured ¾-in thick in dimensions of 48-in-by-72-in or 48-in-by-96-in. Panels come Class C fire-rated (they can be upgraded to Class B) and can contribute to USGBC’s LEED credits for low-emitting materials.

Springboard Working Surfaces

SCREEN is a customizable desk partition made with tempered safety glass and aluminum extrusions. A sustainable alternative to temporary acrylic and plexiglass dividers, SCREEN naturally withstands bleach and other strong cleaners. It comes in two profiles to accommodate several glass thicknesses and heights and can be ordered with cutouts for easy cable access and pass-throughs for reception desks. The new solution offers a double-sided magnet option, whiteboard features, and transparent or frosted glass panels in a wide range of colors.

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