These new lighting solutions take inspiration from fashion, sculpture, and even the past. 

Purolinear 360

These linear tubes are connected via surface-mounted cylinder brackets and rotate individually to direct the LED illumination 360 degrees along their axis. The system can be arranged in a linear pattern, travel along a single path, and transition between wall and ceiling mounting using corner connectors. It can also be arranged along a large wall in an extensive intersecting pattern to form a dramatic sculptural installation.


The Belt luminaire, designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, is suspended from above by sliding straps that can be adjusted using metal buckles, balancing the softness and flexibility of a “belt” with the rigidity of aluminum. The LED fixture is illuminated along its edges, with wires and electrical components hidden throughout the design. Finishes include black, green, and natural leather. The fixture is equipped with integrated direct and indirect lighting, and each light source can be controlled individually via remote control.

Wick Lamp

Wick is a modern interpretation of the classic candlelight lamp. The rechargeable, adjustable, portable lamp can be used as a bright reading light or as a way to create an intimate atmosphere, indoors or out. A smooth touch sensor controls the warm 1W, 2600K LED light, toggles three lighting levels, and offers a pulse mode that mirrors the soft flicker of a candle. Wick is constructed with an aluminum body plated in satin brass and an ergonomic carrying ring that references classic candleholders. 

Landscape Forms

The Motive family of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires includes area lights, a path light, a wall-mounted light, a pendant light, and an outdoor floor lamp. The collection’s sculptural disk motif works in a range of applications for buildings and grounds, pathways, social spaces, and high-profile areas such as art installations and entrances. Motive lights employ a hidden light source and, depending on the fixture, clear or diffused lenses and one to three distribution patterns.

Model 101 Pendant
Le Klint

The Danish lighting brand Le Klint began with Danish architect and engineer P. V. Jensen-Klint’s hand-pleated shade, which was constructed to soften the blaze of a paraffin oil lamp. The Model 101 Pendant, shown here, was designed by Kaare Klint in 1944. The pleated pendant can be hung at any height, as it shades the light source from all angles. Made of hand-folded PVC plastic or paper, the lamp comes in three sizes and uses LED or halogen bulbs. The Le Klint brand is available in North America through AMEICO.


The benefits of acoustic lighting have long been recognized in workspaces as well as in hospitality, healthcare, and educational environments where there is an abundance of open space and hard surfaces that result in poor sound quality. Motif acoustic lighting is available in geometric-inspired designs in an initial collection of three different patterns — Dazzle, Lines, and Moon — that can be applied to a range of PET colors with various ink options. The pattern-making technology can be applied to almost the entire acoustic lighting product range from Luxxbox.

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