The latest window and door products deliver hurricane resistance, switchable privacy glass, ADA compliance, and other high-performing features for today’s residential and commercial buildings.

Window Wall System

Ideal for use in mid-rise commercial or residential projects, Kova’s Window Wall is a non-strutted system built around an intelligent kit-of-parts using unique mechanical breaks that can be swapped out for different panel thicknesses or vertical fin details as required by design and performance need. A tilt-in panel design allows for efficient panel installation from the interior of the building, making field work easier, safer, and less costly. The structural glazing uses IGU and TGU glass types in widths of 5 feet to 8 feet and heights of 10 feet to 12 feet.

Kolbe Products
Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe has partnered with Gauzy to integrate LCG Smart Glass Technologies into select window and door products. Premium polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films are laminated between two panes of glass to create switchable smart glass for various levels of privacy on demand. When electricity is applied, the glass changes from obscure to transparent, allowing for adjustable shading. Single or multiple windows and doors can be controlled with a wall-mounted touch panel, remote, or home automation system.

Coastal Storm Door System
Panoramic Doors

In addition to severe weather protection, this slide-pivot-stack door system is designed to keep interior temperatures consistent as seasons change. A seven-point secure lock provides maximum storm security with steel-reinforced panels, tracks, and jams, while an overlapping door interlock system delivers complete seam coverage. Available up to 10 feet high, the DP-70 rated door has enhanced hardware and impact-resistant IGUs to withstand 165 mph winds, sleet, hail, and objects displaced during severe weather.

EasyAccess Series 7100 and 7900 Low Energy Swing Doors
FLEX by Horton 

FLEX by Horton now offers ADA-compliant swing doors, space-saving telescoping doors, and user-friendly folding doors. The EasyAccess Series 7100 and 7900 Low Energy Swing Doors are best suited for interior applications with standard weight/size requirements, providing continuous two- or one-way traffic flow, easy adjustment of opening and closing speeds, obstruction sensing, and Push-N-Go automatic activation. Both the 7100 and 7900 are compliant with ANSI A156.19, ANSI A117.1, and the ADA, while the Series 7900 also offers UL fire door certification.

DRX Modular Door Rail System

This patented system deconstructs a standard door rail into independent parts that can be stocked by glass professionals, eliminating manufacturer lead times on custom glass door fabrication. Side covers and end caps are easily interchangeable without removing the glass door from the pivot, permitting efficient finish changes for retrofits. The system has a 4-inch tapered side cover that meets ADA requirements and uses less material than a standard door rail. A proprietary, jaw-lock mechanism built into the door rail body delivers superior glass clamping strength, able to withstand a pull force test of up to 1,300 pounds.

System One Pivot Hinge

Incorporating all the required pivot door components, including the pivot system, floor plate, ceiling plate, and top pivot, the narrow System One pivot hinge is adaptable for either single- or double-acting doors. Standing 18 mm high, the compact hinge measures less than half the size of its predecessor, fitting seamlessly into a 1-inch profile. It can bear doors weighing up to 1,100 pounds, providing incredible strength with a minimal footprint. The hinge’s 32-mm width ensures compatibility with 1-3/4-inch-thick pivot doors of any size and material.

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