Looking for holiday gift inspiration? Texas Architect has you covered with 11 ideas — from stocking stuffers to showstoppers — for all the design aficionados in your life.

brass and walnut/maple candle holders

Tulip Candle Holders

These floral-inspired candle holders from Lostine have accents of delicate brass and come in warm walnut or maple. The single candle version comes 9’’-, 10’’-, or 11’’-high with a 2 ¼’’ x 2 ¼’’ base. The 13’’-high version has a 4 ½’’ x 2 ½’’ base and holds two candles. Tapers sold separately. $120.00 (single), $235.00 (double); lostine.com

"the style thesarus" book cover on a green background

The Style Thesaurus

Ever wonder about the difference between Emo and Indie or Cottagecore and Kawaii? Written by journalist and educator Hannah Kane, The Style Thesaurus investigates the roots of different styles in history and pop culture. Small enough to slip into a backpack, the 304-page book is organized into eight chapters reflecting the origins of different styles, such as Utility (e.g., Biker, Aviator, Athleisure), Music & Dance (e.g., Rockabilly, Disco, Rave), and Subcultures & Countercultures (e.g., Goth, Hippy, Surf). Each fully illustrated example includes near synonymous styles, styling details, pairings, and a color story. $35.00, us.laurenceking.com

holographic pens


In 2018, artist Noah Deledda’s art transitioned into product design when he invented a mechanism derived from his work with denting cans that could control the shape of a cylinder as it deformed due to compression. After a few years of research and development, the company Crushmetric was formed to adapt this mechanism into consumer products. When clicked, the smooth surface of the SwitchPen transforms into a geometric pattern that goes back into its original form when the switch is reversed. The pen comes in black/silver, black/galactic black, silver/white, and holographic color options. Starting at $10.00 each, crushmetric.com

flowers arranged in a gold vase

Ikebana Vase

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement intended to bring nature and humanity closer together. Designed by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen, the Ikebana vase is made of handblown glass and a freestanding polished and perforated solid brass structure that allows the whole flower to be arranged in a precise and elegant way, not just the crown. The vase comes in a large or small round size and a large oval size. $164.41 – $182.50, shop.mohd.it

blue and yellow and orange patterned slippers

Yinka Ilori for MoMA Subu Slippers

MoMA Design Store’s Subu Slippers have been reimagined with vibrant prints inspired by West African textiles by London-based multi-disciplinary artist Yinka Ilori, who specializes in fusing his British and Nigerian heritage. Subu Slippers have durable soles and a stain- and water-resistant outer nylon shell. Available in sizes S–XL. $79.00, store.moma.org

lemons and limes in a colorful striped bowl

Oorun Didun Tableware

Also new from Yinka Ilori is the Oorun Didun Tableware collection featuring cheerful colors and eye-catching patters inspired by the natural world. The collection includes a textured glass vase, a set of dishwasher-safe glass cups in two color options and sizes, a food-safe ceramic serving platter, and ceramic serving bowl. Glass vase: $99.00; set of two glass cups, $59.00; serving platter and serving bowl, $89.00 each; store.moma.org


Nut Cracker

By twisting the handle of this FSC-certified beech wood kitchen tool from Earth and Nest, you can crack open nuts with much less force required of a typical nutcracker and without parts that can pinch little fingers. Made in Europe, the nutcrackers measure approximately 5.11’’ in length. $10.00, earthandnest.com

marble desk toy in glass cylinder

Marbolous Marble Track Desk Toy

Designed by artists Jan Friedmann and Sebastian Sauerbeck, the Marbolous Marble Track Desk Toy provides fun without the need for technology, wires, or batteries. The mechanical marble lifting system, ingeniously integrated within the 360-degree metal track, takes center stage under the protective glass dome. The set includes 30 white glass marbles for continued rolling, spinning, and twirling action. Measures 10.4-high x 6.3” diam. $300.00, store.moma.org

geometric candles on a pink background

Elements Candles

The ancient Greek mathematician Plato believed the world was made of four elements — earth, air, fire, and water — and that four geometric shapes (now called Platonic Solids) were the building blocks of these elements. Inspired by this, the Celsius54 Candle company created the ELEMENTS candle collection in these shapes: Icosahedron, Octahedron, Tetrahedron, and Cube, each imbued with a different scent and color. $30 each. 54celsius.com

blue, orange, and pink small mushroom lamps next to a large green mushroom lamp

Alice Mushroom Lamp

For the Alice Mushroom Lamp, designer Paul Sun contrasts ash wood with a modern frosted glass or an ABS plastic shade which illuminates in seven different colors. A play on “psychedelic mushrooms,” you can choose to have the vivid colors rotate in soft transitions or tap to pause on your preferred color. Tap again twice to switch to a warm, white light. The lamp is powered by an energy-efficient LED bulb and turns on and off with a touch sensitive button at the center of the wood base. The mini version (5’’h x 4”diam.) is portable and charges via micro-USB (included) in five hours for 18 hours of light, while the large version (13’’ x 10” diameter) is powered by standard plug-in. $75.00 (small), $289.00 (large); store.moma.org

rice wax candle next to packaging

Rice Wax Candles

Ideal for quiet moments of reflection or to add a pop of interest to any room, this set of 20 candles from Obakki is made from rice bran wax leaves no traces of wax nor emits smoke while burning. Handmade in Japan, the candles feature a large, intense flame with a burn time of 40 minutes each. The hollow candle wicks are made from Washi paper, rush weeds, and silk fibers which creates a larger flame than traditional western-made candles. A spiked candle stand is required (sold separately). $30.00, obakki.com

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