These new fittings, fixtures, and appliances for residential bathrooms and kitchens include examples of both traditional craftsmanship and the latest technologies and processes. 

Infinity Workstation Sink
Mila International

Available in flush- or under-mounted versions, the Mila Infinity workstation sink simplifies meal prep by consolidating all necessary utilities in one place. When flush-mounted, the stainless-steel sink is easier to clean and protects countertops from potential damage from the daily use of pots and pans. A patented Teflon-coated, triangular-shaped sliding rail accommodates accessories for meal prep in either an Antoni Gaudí-inspired organic shape or a Frank Lloyd Wright geometric design. The sink comes in three stock sizes in stainless steel, graphite, and gold finishes.

Futurismo Collection

Designed in a sleek silhouette, the Futurismo Collection offers high performance and elevated functionality for residential or commercial kitchens. Paying homage to Futurism, the spiral details of the faucet evoke the architectural movement’s emphasis on incorporating curves and natural forms into the design. Futurismo offers state-of-the-art performance features and is available in finishes such as polished brass, polished nickel, and onyx, including dual-tone options.


Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the Cenote collection includes two new circular countertop washbasins handmade of either lava stone or refractory clay. The outer surface of the fired clay Cenote (shown) is deliberately left rough, contrasting with a polished and glazed interior in colors evoking the warm white and blue shades of Mexican water basins. Cenote Lava is a solid piece of Sicilian lava stone, worked with a CNC system and then fired at over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. A truncated, conical base detaches the basin from the countertop.

Cosmopolitan Kitchen
Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

A departure from more traditional outdoor kitchen designs, the Cosmopolitan Kitchen is the latest expansion of the Cosmopolitan Collection for outdoor cooking, entertaining, and dining. Designed by Phoenix-based architect and designer Daniel Germani, the kitchen’s modular drawer design comes in a range of Mondrianesque primary colors and offers ample storage space in a range of configurations. The system also offers the ability to integrate new appliances, including grills and other electric cookers.

AirJet Shower Drying System

Airmada’s AirJet Shower Drying System eliminates the need for a squeegee and harsh chemical sprays to create a nearly maintenance-free shower experience. Available in seven finishes, the system uses a series of air-jet brass nozzles, set flush to the ceiling or walls of the shower space, to rid the area of dampness. AirJet significantly reduces drying time and promotes a healthier bathroom environment by reducing mold and mildew while preserving grout and tile for the long term.

Zencha Bath Collection

Inspired by traditional Japanese bathing and tea culture, the Zencha bath collection employs authentic materials like wood, ceramic, and a textured glass that plays with light and reflections. Zencha freestanding bathtubs are made of Duravit’s DuraSolid fully dyed mineral casting material and feature the same design language as the rest of the collection. The 49 1/4-inch by 49 1/4-inch version has a considerable depth to allow for an immersive soak reminiscent of a Japanese onsen bath. The tub is also available in rectangular versions measuring 63 inches by 33 1/2 inches and 70 7/8 inches by 35 3/8 inches.

The Stereo Series
Blu Bathworks

Inspired by the handles of classic hi-fi stereos, the modular Stereo collection includes tub fillers, hand showers, faucets, and handles for basin or bath in two diameters. The collection pairs with the rest of the Inox stainless steel collection by Quadro Design. All tapware is available in brushed stainless steel as standard, or in a range of colors and finishes. A single hydroprogressive wall-mount mixer handle is suitable for a basin or bathtub application.


This compact residential wine cooling solution has a five-bottle capacity for kitchens or other spaces that won’t allow for a full-size wine cooler, such as wet bars, entertainment centers, or master bedrooms. The DrawBar seamlessly integrates below or adjacent to 24-inch standard cabinetry and has a user-friendly control panel that offers five preset temperatures for storing and cooling white, red, and sparkling wines. It can be faced with glass or custom paneling and comes equipped with a humidity tray to maintain optimal humidity levels inside the appliance.

Cooking Surface Prime
ABK Stone

Cooking Surface Prime combines ABK Stone’s sintered slabs with a patented technical solution that hides an integrated induction cooking system. Allowing for optimal use of space, the induction cooktop is activated only when the magnetic field contacts a metal pan. Since the heat is transferred directly to the pans, the sintered slabs do not heat up and are resistant to staining, scratching, and knife blades. The waterproof and porosity-free surfaces faithfully reproduce marble, natural stone, metal, concrete, and even wood. 

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