Each one of these new luminaires pushes a boundary in terms of form, function, or fabrication. 


Founded by designers Angie West and Alberto Vélez during the pandemic, Refractory’s inaugural collection includes consoles, dining tables, occasional tables, benches, and lighting rendered from cast bronze, cast glass, solid black walnut, white oak, and cast resin. The collection’s muted, deep palette of patinas evokes natural phenomena and earthen pigments. Included in the line is the 68-in-high Promontory Standing Lamp, a biomorphic light in which two asymmetrical halves of sculptural cast bronze lean into one another.

Rocchetto Tree
Quick Lighting

Rocchetto Tree is a weatherproof, modular LED lighting system that attaches to tree branches or trunks via a belt made of fabric. The fixture’s cylindrical head is 360-degree adjustable along the vertical axis and 90-degree adjustable along the horizontal axis. The oxidized and painted aluminum fixture is equipped with a ring nut treated with resin to protect the LED engine from water, even if the product is directed upwards or directly exposed to weather conditions. It comes in three sizes and seven finishes.

Starfall Light

Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist, members of the Swedish design studio Front, were inspired to design the Starfall Light after collaborating with the European Space Agency on a gigantic installation simulating the 800 closest stars from earth for the Science Museum in London. The “upside-down,” black, circular suspension light features 30 slim arms that bend from different lengths. The arms are punctuated with 30 LEDs that end in decorative optic lenses that give the feeling of sleeping or dining under a starry night sky.

Eos Collection
Model No.

Model No. has launched a 3D-printed lighting collection crafted from non-toxic, domestically sourced materials including sustainable hardwood and PLA bioresins from food waste and wood dust. Every Model No. piece is made to order in the company’s Oakland, California, microfactory, which helps eliminate long wait times and wasteful inventory. The collection includes table lamps, pendants, and a floor lamp that can work individually or as part of a group. The luminaires have a natural translucency and opacity that spreads a soft, even light.

Acoustic Stratta

Using high-efficiency LED lights, Acoustic Stratta is LightArt’s slimmest acoustic lighting fixture to date. Imagined for high-traffic commercial spaces, the fixture can be specified individually or in a row through minimal, linkable components. The LED platform includes warm dimming and tunable white and RGBW options in uplight and downlight capabilities to create different moods. The collection offers a premium aluminum structure and sound absorption up to two times more absorbent than previous iterations. It is available in 22 felt colors with optional ash or oak wood caps.

Grain Family
Ravenhill Studio

When Ravenhill Studio learned that a trace of wood grain from a tool used in metal spinning could occasionally be seen in their products’ finished parts, they made that the focal point of their Grain Family of pendants and wall-mounted light fixtures. They work with a patternmaker to create custom molds from maple boards, which are then sandblasted to raise the wood grain. Through the metal spinning process, the grain of the mold is impressed on the finished metal shade. The fixtures come in a range of sizes and finishes and are illuminated by 5W LED frosted bulbs.

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