These new lighting fixtures for residential and commercial interiors prove that powerful, efficient illumination comes in all shapes and sizes.


The Dash indirect/direct linear fixture is Graypants’ first entry into technical lighting. The fixture is handmade in the brand’s Seattle studio through low-impact manufacturing processes, including the use of recycled and virgin cardboard and zero-VOC adhesive. Dash is well suited for work environments, using high-efficiency Philips LED modules with a CRI of 90 (stocked in 3500K) and offering up to 1500 lumens per linear foot. The direct lighting is designed around a 90-degree optic to minimize glare, while an extra-wide beam spread is used for uniform indirect lighting. 


Created in collaboration with designer Luca Nichetto, the Croma floor lamp from Lodes has a conical base and a slender, 73-in-high frame. The lamp’s powerful light output casts a wide ray of light for residential, hospitality, and other commercial environments. Croma features a ring positioned halfway up the stem that allows the user to switch the LED module on and off and utilize a dim-to-warm function ranging from 2200K to 3200K. 

Z-Bar Gen 4

Z-Bar Gen 4 is the fourth revamp of Koncept’s original Z-Bar design. This iteration features an improved joint design for a cleaner profile and greater articulation, as well as new optics for softer, more even shadows. The “Pro” version comes with an occupancy sensor and USB port for charging compatible devices. It also allows users to choose and adjust their color temperatures (from 2,700K to 5,000K) to coincide with their circadian rhythms.

USAI Lighting

This LED innovation offers high-powered lighting through nearly invisible, architectural grade, recessed ceiling fixtures measuring only 1-in. in diameter. The fittings can be installed and serviced from below the ceiling, requiring no renovation. The miniscule LED products deliver over 1000 lumens, providing homes, offices, and public spaces with a naturally bright, well-lit environment with none of the glare or distracting visual of larger fixtures traditionally required for these light output levels. 

In Vitro Unplugged

Designed by Philippe Starck, the In Vitro outdoor collection now includes a portable version. This bright, lightweight glass lamp features a colored silicone handle, requires no plugs or wiring, and comes in seven textured finishes — from forest green to terracotta. Point-like LEDs are hidden by an opalescent diffuser which evenly distributes light and gives the glass lantern a soft glow. Wall-mounted, bollard, and suspended versions of In Vitro are also available for outdoor use. 

Performance Light Core

This solid-state lighting solution delivers high-performance lighting to decorative fixtures, replacing common socket-based LED lamps that are often limited in lifespan and performance features. Compared to traditional decorative LED fixtures, Performance Light Core provides designers with a wide range of color temperatures, lumen outputs, beam spreads, and dimming options. The chip-on-board LED light source provides an immense amount of light out of a compact surface area, coupled with a TIR optic that captures and focuses all of the light into functional beam spreads.  

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