Preston Mosque
Agenda Architecture

In this design for a new mosque, the sahn, or courtyard, is the archetype — a physical expression of the collective sense of belonging. It is a public space that welcomes everyone, whether they come to pray or simply for a moment of reprieve. The prayer hall anchors the project, but it is the courtyards on each of the three levels that create the potential for community engagement, contemplation, and inclusivity. The repetition of columns and numerous arcades evoke notable mosques of the past, while the use of brick reinforces the project’s timeless nature. The intention is for the building to stand for generations and help sustain the community for years to come. A minaret punctuating the northernmost corner serves as a beacon — a visible, welcoming symbol for both the local Muslim community and the residents of Preston and beyond.

Jury Commentary:

“Overall, a very sophisticated diagram on a difficult and elevated site near a highway. The designer’s thoughtful research of traditional and historic mosques and their spatial sequences is sensitively deployed yet offers a contemporary interpretation of this building type.”

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