Animal Sanctuary
Jeff Garnett Architect

The 23,500-sf Animal Sanctuary is an animal adoption center and equestrian facility that focuses on the well-being of both animals and visitors. Located in a remote and rural area of Parker County, its 29-acre site is also home to a fully restored and revitalized orchard. The Animal Sanctuary is a multipurpose facility, providing temporary housing for animals, open daily for staff and visitors, and available to the community for activities such as classes, yoga, charity functions, and stargazing events. Sustainable building components are a driving factor in the overall design, with emphasis on natural lighting, rainwater collection, solar energy, and green roof construction. The overall facility consists primarily of mass timber construction. The Animal Sanctuary is a setting where a deeper level of healing can take place in those who need it most.

Jury Commentary:
“The long agricultural form seems strangely familiar and articulates the nature of the functions below. The proposal couples sustainable design solutions and poetic architectural elements of water, sound, light, and cross-ventilation that would bolster a healthy environment for animals and humans to experience.”

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