When we are ready to return to shared and public spaces, there will be a need for contract furnishing products that help with social distancing, air flow, and other COVID-19 related concerns. Here are a few options.


Allsteel has embraced Poka-yoke as a guiding philoophy to help employees adapt to new workspace health goals, such as distancing in both workstations and shared spaces, amended traffic flow, and safer behavior. Created in the 1960s by Japanese engineer Shigeo Shingo, Poka-yoke is a mistake-proofing approach to preventing and eliminating errors that makes use of simple but effective tools and signals. A few of the Allsteel products that work within this framework include table screens, hands-free door pulls, a height-adjustable table foot control, and free-standing and wall-mounted hand sanitizer stations. 


BuzziPlanter is a multipurpose, biophilic partition with acoustic-enhancing properties. This collection of planters can help create microenvironments in communal workspaces and helps define and divide spaces in open-office layouts in a range of contract environments. The pot has a thick layer of high-density foam covered by a breathable fabric covering to absorb noise. BuzziPlanter comes in six sizes and can be upholstered in a range of colorways. Each pot has a built-in plastic container, making it suitable for both real and artificial plants.

The COVID Shield

COVID Shield is a modular, scalable, customizable testing solution that can be placed on college campuses, outside of workplaces, in community areas, and in other settings. Created by a team of design, health, and engineering leaders at CannonDesign, the COVID Shield can be assembled as a single unit or connected to others to form a modular pavilion of testing stations. Its panels are made of durable polycarbonate sheets that can withstand years of cleaning cycles and are ideal for displaying printed art, advertising, or custom messaging.

Leef Solid Surface Collection

Eventscape has introduced a new line of mobile nesting screens, desk dividers, stands, and reception screens to reduce airflow and enhance public safety. Originally introduced 20 years ago, the Leef Solid Surface Collection has been re-launched to meet the new requirements for public safety in corporate offices, airports, fast food chains, hotels, and more. It includes Trillium mobile nesting screens; Iris free-standing divider screens for reception areas, office environments, and cafeterias; and the Aster desktop divider screen for shared workspaces. Aster can be custom-sized to fit any desk or workstation configuration.

Barriers by Raydoor

The Barriers by Raydoor partition panel collection is designed to address social distancing needs. It comes in three styles: Perimeter, Side Frame, and Base Frame. Perimeter offers a fully framed panel, visually signaling a sense of separation and division. It is ideal for semi-permanent setups like open-floor-planned offices and waiting rooms. Side Frame features a leg base on each side of the frame, and an optional pass-through at the bottom, optimal for high-traffic areas where objects are exchanged, such as bank counters. Base Frame is only framed at the bottom to help social distancing at bars, restaurants, and other more intimate social settings.

Lagunitas Lounge System

The Lagunitas Lounge System, designed by Toan Nguyen, is a collection of seating and tables that create soft barriers, allowing for safer distancing when working in an office, school, or other interior environment. An articulating back cushion easily changes position to provide adjustable lumbar support for different postures. With high screens in a signature knit pattern or fabric construction, the Lagunitas Focus Nook helps create an intimate space within a public room.  

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