The Texas Society of Architects Studio Awards recognize real or theoretical projects that demonstrate excellence in design. Submissions from students and practitioners are judged on equal footing, and projects of all types are considered together. Each year, the jury sifts through the entries, looking for standouts that embody strong ideas critical to contemporary practice — entries that resolve these ideas thoroughly and present them clearly.

The 2019 Studio Awards jury met on Thursday, July 25, at the Brooklyn office of SO-IL to deliberate 50 entries that included proposals for affordable housing, airports, civic spaces, wild animal preserves, and typologies not yet seen.

From the Jury:

One should take into consideration the format of a competition: the presentation of a project is almost as crucial as its design. There were certainly a few projects we were rooting for that were hard to assess based on convoluted information and/or a complete lack thereof. It seems the Texas architect is busy, hardly enough time to well represent the work. The overall pool seemed to be dominated by student work. Is there no interest in the discipline anymore when we are all busy building? Clearly, the unbuilt student and conceptual work depended more on representation and therefore was stronger. It’s a good reminder to all of us, that even when times are strong, we do not forget that, beyond serving our clients, it’s important we serve the discipline as a whole and take the representation of our projects to our peers seriously.

Read about the projects

Attwater Acclimation/Release Pen
Discontinuous Monument
Farm at Crossroad Commons
Home is Not a House

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