These interior surfacing options include a new upholstery and wallcovering fabric made of plastic waste reclaimed from the oceans and acoustic felt desk and floor dividers fabricated from upcycled fabric off-cuts.


Designed by Maine-based artist Jenny McGee Dougherty, Rake wallcovering pairs an artisanal painting technique with digital printing to create texture and dimension in a large-scale, organic pattern. Made of 10% polyester, 40% latex, and 50% cellulose, the Class A wallcovering is available in black and gray colorways and is SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified. The emissions from this product’s shipment to the customer are offset as part of Designtex’s ongoing investment in carbon reduction projects. 

Horizon Collection

The Horizon Collection includes engineered gradient textiles embedded in 3form’s translucent Varia resin and colored glass panels designed with an etched pattern inspired by the textile’s gradient motif. It is composed of concentrated, saturated yarn at the bottom of each panel in rich transitional shades of blue, gray, and orange. Horizon textiles become gradually softer and more translucent as the panel goes up, permitting natural light to pass through while the user is standing and adding privacy while they are seated.  

Durapalm Palmwood
Smith & Fong

Contemporary French patisserie cafe Thierry Chocolat recently opened a second shop in the Mount Pleasant district of Vancouver, British Columbia based on a design by Vancouver-based Bricault Design. An oversized Durapalm palmwood door is perforated with a grid of miniature portholes to create a striking entrance for the cafe. Tambour Durapalm palmwood paneling curves around the entire interior, providing a chocolatey aesthetic for the cafe, which also features custom fabricated Durapalm tabletops. 


Camira has launched a new fabric in partnership with the Seaqual Initiative, a collaborative fighting plastic pollution in our oceans. Quest is a lightweight, polyester fabric containing yarn made from recycled plastic waste. Each yard of Quest contains the equivalent of 23 plastic bottles removed from the oceans. It has a lightly textured, basket-like pattern with subtle two-tone variations of color between the threads. The fabric is available in 27 colorways and is intended for both upholstery and vertical surfaces in commercial interiors. 

BAUX Acoustic Flexfelt System

BAUX Acoustic Felt is made from upcycled, 100% traceable, post-production off-cuts rescued from the textile industry. The 100% polyester-based recycled thread is combined with a low melt polyester fiber to give the material its structure. Each batch of threads is dyed in Sweden in a closed loop process. Acoustic Flexfelt desk and floor dividers feature well-placed grooves to offer flexible assembly and can be cut into nine versatile sizes. The dividers come with a minimal number of hardware pieces to avoid unnecessary production. 


Part of the Zilenzio Pro series, Arc is an arc-shaped floor screen that creates a feeling of enclosure. The walls and roof work together to create a defined space within a bigger space. Arc can be placed freestanding or against a wall to easily shield off noise and help create a quiet atmosphere. All products in the Zilenzio Pro series have a plywood frame with Stone Wool, a recyclable and durable material that offers exceptional sound absorption and is also fire- and water-resistant. 

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