“There’s a softness that is built into the color palette and the materiality of this building that makes it extremely welcoming for a home and for a family.”
— Bryan Lee Jr.

Location Austin
Client Nirav and Carla Patel
Architect Murray Legge Architecture
Design Team Murray Legge, FAIA; Lincoln Davidson; Travis Avery; Benjamin Kaplowitz; Luca Senise
Contractor Green Places
Structural Engineer Duffy Engineering

Negotiating a narrow, 40-ft lot, the David Street House is a rectangular stucco prism that has been carved away at to optimize light and space. Deep, shaded openings connect to exterior spaces and admit abundant daylighting into the interior on both floors. The ground level has an uninterrupted ceiling plane, under which partial-height cabinetry walls define individual spaces while maintaining a feeling of openness. The upper level contains private bedroom spaces, each with access to an exterior deck. The structure hugs one end of the lot to enlarge the side yard and create an exterior patio that serves as an extension of the living room.

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