Under the leadership of brand directors Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) unveiled a new visual identity to celebrate its 35th anniversary this year. Here are 10 furnishings, lighting fixtures, and finishes that stood out from an impressive range of products on display at the Javits Center during New York Design Week.  

three navy blue cylinders with a pattern on the outside next to a couch

Houf Collection

Montreal-based Cyrc, founded in 2021, transforms plastic waste into recyclable design objects and furniture. The brand introduced HOUF, its first furniture collection, during this year’s show. The HOUF collection of poufs are multifunctional units that can be seating, tables, or planters. This four-piece collection, available in nine different colors, includes three multifunctional units and a large vase.

a variety of light fixtures made from wood

Pillar Collection

A departure from Stickbulb’s iconic linear works, Pillar is formed from an illuminated square pocket within a small circular wooden housing. Handmade in NYC of sustainably sourced or reclaimed wood, the Pillar module comes in a variety of lengths and can connect with other modules to create sconce, pendant, ceiling-mount, and chandelier configurations. The collection is offered in hand-stained natural, white, black, or custom finishes and can be specified with a matte white glass LED bulbs for soft, warm lighting, or LED MR16 bulbs for spot lighting.

two modern wooden benches with yellow acents

Mylo Bench
James Burleigh

Made in London from sustainably harvested wood, the Mylo bench has an integrated table section in the center or end of the seating. The bench works well against a wall or as a freestanding island structure and it is available in custom-width spans and a choice of solid woods and contract grade fabrics.

Beautiful bathtub, bathroom fixtures, a towel, a plant, a ladder, and roses are all included in this pleasant, white bathroom. minimal style. background of sea life wallpaper

Ensemble Collection
Merenda Wallpaper

Drawing inspiration from scientific illustrations by renowned biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel, the Ensemble Collection is a celebration of the beauty and mystery of marine creatures. Including designs of octopi, jellyfish, and marine flora, the collection is available for residential and commercial spaces in a range of paper options crafted from responsibly sourced materials and PVC-free substrates.

a wooden bench, desk, and chair on top of the desk

Shadow Play
Juntos Projects

Winner of the Emerging Designer award at the show, this design studio lead by an architect and an artist showcased three new contemporary pieces — a chair, a desk, and a bench — crafted from solid hardwood maple from the Northeast finished in warm, vibrant colors. The latest series draws from iconic architectural influences such as Mies van der Rohe’s cruciform columns for the Barcelona pavilion in 1929, Kiyonori Kikutake’s Sky House from 1958, and Miguel Fisac’s IBM Office building in Madrid designed in the 1960s.

six multi-color chairs that look like fortune cookies

Fortune Chair

The Fortune Chair was inspired by the shape of the iconic post-dinner cookie. Designed by Brooklyn-based design practice JUMBO, the indoor/outdoor lounge is 100% recyclable and made in the USA using 25 percent recycled post-consumer plastic. The playful seat comes in six food inspired hues — Oatmeal, Cookie, Olive, Tomato, Dark Cherry, and Licorice.

a wooden desk with small holes in it and a white chair

A+M Collection
Eric Owen Moss Home

The initial offering from Eric Own Moss Home, the A+M Collection reimagines traditional Scandinavian woodworking benches as a platform for five distinct tables for commercial and residential settings. The repurposed benches maintain the network of holes traditionally used for clamping wood and are offered with a new series of accessories — a phone stand, tablet stand, tray, storage box, storage cup, and coaster — to fill the holes. The modular tabletops are supported on new legs that originate as a circle exposed on the top surface of the table that gradually transform into a square as they meet the floor.

close-up of reishi material in brown


MycoWorks is a San Francisco-based biomaterials company dedicated to bringing new mycelium materials to the world. MycoWorks’ patented Fine Mycelium technology engineers mycelium during growth to form proprietary, interlocking cellular structures for unparalleled strength and durability. MycoWorks flagship product, Reishi, is a new class of premium, natural material available in three finishes: Reishi Natural, smooth Reishi Doux, and textured Reishi Pebble.

a modern light fixture with circular bulbs jutting off of poles

Ayr Family
PAX Lighting

Based out of central Nebraska and serving commercial and residential interior designers and architects, Pax Lighting works in slip cast ceramic and hand-finished, precision-machined brass. With a focus on warm materials and modern forms, their pieces reflect the minimal landscape and earthiness of the prairie. Named after Ayr, Nebraska, (population 83), the Ayr ceiling fixture and sconce collection nods at the interplay of the long lines of the horizon with the rolling, grassy hills of the prairie.

Aywa Lamp by Tangram lighting, as seen from above, blue and slim

Tangram Lighting

The Awya lamp, from Korean brand Tangram Lighting, is powered by an innovative control technology that allows users to adjust brightness, color, and ambiance with a simple gesture. Available in vibrant anodized aluminum color finishes including Ultraviolet, Sunshine Orange, Night Blue, and Steel Gray, the frame provides excellent heat dissipation properties to keep the lamp cool even after extended use. It can be used as a reading table lamp or a floor lamp, depending on the position of the arm.

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