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The Texas Society of Architects and the Education Outreach Committee are excited to continue, for the third year, the TxA Student Design Challenge. This challenge is designed to recognize the incredible work done at the middle and high school levels and to showcase our industry’s future leaders and designers. Designs of all types are acceptable, including buildings, structures, community centers, temporary housing, and transportation. Theoretical design solutions such as cell phone apps, events or festivals, and any other non-traditional design solutions are acceptable. Design solutions that go beyond the boundaries of architecture to address the challenge’s theme of “EMERGE: EVOLUTION THROUGH DESIGN” are highly encouraged.

The 2023 Student Design Challenge jurors will be announced on our website. All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the Education Outreach Committee. The committee will select the finalists in each category for final review by the jury. The jury will be reviewing the finalists’ submissions and presentations during the TxA Conference in November. If possible, the finalists may be asked to present their project to the jury either live, virtually, or via pre-recorded video at the conference. Jurors will base their decisions on the entrants’ design submissions and final presentations. Jurors will deliberate at the conference. Once the final selections have been made, winners will be notified and then announced.

Finalists and winners will be recognized at the Texas Society of Architects’ 84th Annual Conference and Design Expo, which will take place in Fort Worth on November 2–4, 2023. Winning submissions will then be published on our blog.

For more information related to the theme, visit aia.org/resilience.




The world is continuously changing and reacting to environmental, cultural, and political shifts. Often these reactions, whether naturally occurring or influenced by humans, result in disaster and displacement for individuals and communities. Although the initial symptom may only be a physical loss, the impacts of disaster can greatly affect one’s sense of place, connection to community, and overall wellbeing.

Consider a group of individuals that have experienced disaster, and develop a solution that provides an environment for this group (or groups) to regain or redefine their identity as a community. Explore concepts that engage individuals and support their journey to rebuild a sense of place and become grounded. Study the natural environment and cultural histories and allow these to influence the design and provide a foundation for the community to reclaim their position in the world.


All entries must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. CT on Monday, October 2, 2023.

Entries will be submitted online. The online submission portal is now open.


Learn more about the competition, view guiding resources and last year’s winners at tinyurl.com/txastudentcomp.


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My name is Kelly Flowers and I and the CEO & Founder of Women Leading Technology. I would love for my architecture students to participate in this event. I would love to speak to someone about a possible collaboration.
Who would I need to speak with?

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