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The Texas Society of Architects is pleased to introduce our 2022 president, Eva Read-Warden, AIA. A principal at The Arkitex Studio in Bryan, Read-Warden graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Architecture from Mississippi State University in 1988. Following graduation, she moved to Philadelphia, where she worked on both large projects and smaller private projects for Mitchell/Giurgola Architects. A move to New Mexico followed. There, Read-Warden worked on commercial, health care, and numerous educational projects. In 1994, Read-Warden moved to Bryan/College Station. Though locations and projects have been diverse, the challenge of turning ideas into reality for both clients and community has been a common thread. Read-Warden relishes this challenge and enjoys helping people and organizations through the process of seeing a vision realized.

Each year, the Society’s president chooses a theme for their year of presidency. This theme shapes and defines the direction of the year. Read-Warden has chosen a theme of “Connection” for her presidency. We asked her what this theme means to her — and to Texas architects. She expands on the idea of “Connection” below:

Architecture connects people, both in the act of creating and through the resulting places for people to live, work, learn, or worship. After the many months of varying degrees of isolation, either literally (pandemic) or figuratively (political polarization), “Connection” seems to be an appropriate and timely theme for 2022.

The theme of Connection provides a versatile structure for several topics. Our public outreach, our role in climate change, and our continuing efforts to form a collective voice are three areas of focus this year.

We can connect more people to the importance of architecture by strengthening our public outreach. Though the general public may interact with architecture on a daily basis, they may not consciously realize the impact it has in their lives. One goal for 2022 is to reactivate the Society’s efforts to define what our message to the public should be and to whom it should be directed.

Also, we have an inherent connection to the environment and an obligation to protect it. Though many are already embracing sustainable design practices, we must bring others, including clients, on board. Our future relies on it.

Connection is also important within our profession. Collectively we are stronger and smarter than we could be individually. By combining our voices, of all ages, races, and genders, we become greater advocates for the profession and the power of what design can do. 

We are excited for the year ahead, and excited to connect with each of you.

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