Location Henderson County
Architect Max Levy Architect
Design Team Max Levy, FAIA; Tom Manganiello
Contractor Stan Huffhines
Structural Engineer Lobsinger + Potts
Landscape Architect Hocker Design Group

The House at Rainbo Lake exists as a weekend retreat for an extended family of nature enthusiasts. Each room is a separate building, fostering gathering or solitude when desired. The project sits on a swampy wooded site with a large alligator population; therefore, each building is lifted two feet off the ground. Screened-in porches and bridges connect the different structural elements while keeping insects at bay. Breezes comb between, under, and through the rooms, and geothermal HVAC systems are available when it becomes too hot or too cold. The architect worked within a modest budget and also injected a sense of festivity into the project via the rainbow skylight colors, a nod to the location.

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