Location Fort Worth
Client Winston Ley and Alari Paxson
Architect Ibañez Shaw Architecture
Design Team Bart Shaw, AIA
Contractor Prim Construction
MEP Engineer BHB

As Pax & Parker is a new boutique fashion retailer, the owners started with only a small budget and their white square logo. The existing concrete shell structure was left exposed, while the concrete slab was sealed. The steel plate fixtures were designed for the space and fabricated by a local community college welding instructor. The general lighting in the retail space was created by mounting fluorescent strips to the top of a bent steel plate that is painted white. Birch plywood of varying thicknesses was cut into eight-inch squares and added to portions of the wall near the entry. The space is dominated by a veil of 1,800 white wire hangers; these hangers were made into modules by the designer’s office, which formed the wall by creating 150 modules made up of 12 hangers in the same configuration.

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