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The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) is inviting participation in a number of legislatively mandated projects. Each task force and work group leading to a study or report will be conducted prior to the next legislative session. Chief Kidd is looking to identify individuals interested in participating in these projects. 

The survey link below provides the opportunity for individuals to express an interest in and willingness to perform the work required for a project. Based upon response levels, each individual who expresses an interest in a particular subject may not be selected due to capacity and coordination issues. We will provide an opportunity for input on projects as they move forward to individuals who are not assigned initially to one of the projects directly. Should you have questions, please contact MacGregor Stephenson at macgregor.stephenson (at) dps.texas.gov.

TxA members certified as post-disaster site inspectors of Hurricane Harvey and Dallas-area members certified in tornado assessments are encouraged to participate in the survey and projects. 

Please respond to the Survey by July 19th. Individuals selected to participate will be notified no later than August 30th.


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