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Victoria, Texas architect and business leader Rawley McCoy is running for Mayor. Elections will be held Saturday, May 4, 2019.

McCoy, who serves on the Government Affairs Committee of the Texas Society of Architects, has a long history of civic leadership. He has served on numerous city boards and commissions and is a founding member of the Victoria Business and Education Coalition. Over the past 35 years, McCoy has worked with his alma mater, Victoria College, by leading Master Plan efforts and serving for seven years on the school board of Trinity Episcopal School. 

After working his way through Victoria College and Texas A&M University — graduating with two degrees — McCoy turned down opportunities to work in major cities and choose instead to establish his practice, Rawley McCoy and Associates, in his hometown in 1995. 

“Victoria is a wonderful place with great potential, but we have fallen behind in recent decades. We have not developed a sustainable base of higher-paying local jobs. I know how to attract talent and grow a business in Victoria because I’ve done it for nearly 40 years as a business owner. As Mayor, I want to renew our vision for a city steeped in history, yet bursting with excitement for the prosperous future,” said McCoy. 

He cites revitalizing the city’s economic vision, repairing aging infrastructure, improving emergency preparedness, and managing city government like a well-run business as his chief priorities. 

“If we want Victoria to be the kind of place where future generations can live their American Dream, we need to be serious about laying the foundation for future success. Ultimately, that’s why I feel compelled to run for Mayor,” McCoy said. 

For more information, and to stay connected with the campaign, visit www.rawleymccoy.com


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