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Early voting for the March 6 primary election started this week, and runs through next Friday, March 2.  There is no easier, more convenient or better time to vote; avoid lines and parking hassles.  Whenever you choose to do it, though—VOTE—especially because when others typically don’t, it amplifies your voice and the profession’s influence.

Want more information on who is running or questions you’ll be asked to decide?  Your County Clerk’s website will have information on polling places, how to contact local political party offices, which typically provide sample ballots and candidate information, or check out one of my favorite sources, the League of Women Voters, whose website has long been one of the best places to find non-partisan voting information.

The most important, however, is—GET INVOLVED. If possible, VOLUNTEER.  If a state Representative or Senator knows you personally helped, it means more than money.  It’s important not just to them, it’s important for our democracy and your professional future.

(For a list of the candidates who were approved to receive a contribution from the Texas Architects Committee [TAC], see February 6 blog.  If one of these legislators is your state Rep or Senator, they would be an excellent member to help!)

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