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OK, the opportunity to register to vote in the March 6 primary has passed—but, even if you missed that deadline, please register now; don’t miss the April 23 eligibility deadline for any May 22 run-offs.  If you really want to make a difference, however—and be remembered as a result—volunteer at a legislative campaign office.  Assemble and/or distribute yard signs, work a phone bank, help with block-walking.  Or provide food and drink to fellow volunteers, write thank you notes, lick stamps—there are many, many ways to help.  Do get involved, though; volunteering means more to candidates than money—and it’s remembered far longer.

 Speaking of money and “campaign favorites,” TAC trustees met last week to approve contributions for most of the contested primary races, identifying those below as “professional preferences.”  As always, contribution decisions were based solely on who is best for the profession—not party labels or positions on other issues.  (There were 26 Republicans and 14 Democrats approved, roughly the same party percentage as those currently elected.)  If anyone would like to learn more about any of those selected or would like to visit about what was discussed, please don’t hesitate to call, or contact me some other way.

After the primary election(s), almost one-third of the 2019 legislative body will be elected, for all intents and purposes.  Twenty-eight (28) members are unopposed—they have no primary or general election opponent.  Add to that the seven (7) Republicans who have no Democrat opponent in November and the 20 Democrats with no Republican challenger, and 55 of 181 are all but home free.  Of the remaining 126 races, only 19 (1 Senate, 18 House) are within five percent of a toss-up, and 19 others (3 Senate, 16 House) are within 10%; any changes in party coming out of the former category will be considered part of a “Huge Wave,” in the latter they will signal a “Tsunami.” 

All this to say, getting involved now—during the primary—will make a HUUUGE difference, even in November.  (And if you volunteer, an even bigger difference will be realized in 2019—and beyond!)

TAC’s 2018 Primary Recipients:


HD 2—Dan Flynn
HD 9—Chris Paddie
HD 11—Travis Clardy
HD 14—John Raney
HD 18—Ernest Bailes
HD 23—Wayne Faircloth
HD 25—Dennis Bonnen
HD 31—Ryan Guillen (D)
HD 37—Rene Oliveira (D)
HD 41—Bobby Guerra (D)
HD 47—Paul Workman
HD 54—Scott Cosper
HD 55—Hugh Shine
HD 59—J. D. Sheffield
HD 64—Dr. Lynn Stucky
HD 75—Mary Gonzalez (D)
HD 87—Four Price
HD 88—Ken King
HD 98—Giavonni Capriglione
HD 99—Charlie Geren
HD 100—Eric Johnson (D)
HD 102—Linda Koop
HD 105—Rodney Anderson
HD 114—Jason Villalba
HD 116—Diana Arévalo (D)
HD 117—Phil Cortez (D)
HD 122—Lyle Larson
HD 123—Diego Bernal (D)
HD 124—Ina Minjares (D)
HD 127—Dan Huberty
HD 134—Sarah Davis
HD 139—Jarvis Johnson (D)
HD 142—Harold Dutton (D)
HD 146—Shawn Thierry (D)
HD 147—Garnet Coleman (D)


SD 5—Charles Schwertner
SD 15—John Whitmire (D)
SD 17—Joan Huffman
SD 25—Donna Campbell
SD 30—Craig Estes
SD 31—Kel Seliger
Lt. Governor—Dan Patrick

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