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In Texas, seriously contested November elections between Democrats and Republicans are the exception, not the rule; there are only 15 Texas House districts that qualify for “swing” status—within five percent (5%) of 50-50—and even fewer, two, in the Senate.  That means that more than 90% (164 of 181) of all legislative seats are determined in the primary.  So, if you are not already registered to vote, DO IT TODAY…certainly before February 5, the absolute  deadline to register to vote in the March 6 primary elections. 

If you miss that deadline, you might still influence a primary election outcome in any district where there’s a run-off. There will likely be several given the number of candidates running in both parties.  Primary run-offs will be decided May 22, so you must be registered by April 23 to be eligible to vote in the run-off.  (Since you missed voting March 6, you’re free to pick the primary of your choice on May 22.)

8 of those 11 “swing” Republican House seats have a primary race; more decisive, however, there are 32 primary races in safe Republican districts where that winner is all but assured of November success—four times more than the swing districts.  On the “D” side of the ballot, one only of the four swing seats even has a primary race, but there are another 14 safe seats that will be decided in the Democratic primary.

In the Texas Senate, there is one Democratic primary race, District 15 in Houston, while 7 of 12 Republican seats will be contested in the primary.  In November’s General Election, the Senate’s only swing district (SD 10 in Tarrant County) will be decided; the other 13 contested districts are considered safe—3 are D, 10 are R.  (One, SD 31 out in far West Texas and the Panhandle, will be decided by the Republican primary since no D is running.)

That makes 61 seats decided (for all intents and purposes) in the Spring versus 16 determined by the November General Election.  What are you waiting for?  If you ain’t already, REGISTER NOW—DON’T DELAY, DO IT TODAY!  Make your voice heard and your presence felt.

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