Image courtesy JM Design Group

The Other Border Wall Project, conceived by JM Design Studio in Pittsburgh, is a response to efforts to build a fortified border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. The project seeks designs that are anti-walls, like a border made of hammocks, lighthouses, and pipe organs. Projects will be displayed at Houston’s Flatland Gallery.

Leah Patgorski, a co-founder of JM Studio, describes, “It is our hope to activate the public imagination with designs that work together to dismantle the view of the border as a fortified, insurmountable and destructive barrier.”

Entries must be emailed as digital images with the designer’s name and a title, and should be sent by Feb. 10, 2018 in JPG, TIFF or PDF format no larger than 10MB to otherborderwall@gmail.com. Entries received after Feb. 10 will be included in the online archive with selected designs to be published in a book. The deadline for accepting entries is May 31, 2018. More information is at otherborderwallproject.com.

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