• “Crossing” aims to create a typological view of the urban condition of various cities as seen from the sky. The individual images are arranged together in a grid to create a quilted view of each individual city.”--Peter Molick. For Molick's Venice exhibition, Crossings focused on only Houston and Venice. Houston is pictured here. Image courtesy Peter Molick.

Houston-based photographer Peter Molick’s “Crossings” series has been included in the “Time Space Existence” exhibition at this year’s Venice Biennale of Architecture.

An official biennale collateral event, “Time Space Existence” features work from architects, universities, and photographers ruminating on the concepts named in the title.

Molick’s “Crossings” contrasts tiled images of Houston and Venice in order to illuminate each city’s unique qualities. The images invite a dialogue about urban planning and the impact of cities on their surrounding environments. Molick describes the striking differences between the two cities when seen from the air.

“In the Houston series, the intersecting roadways illustrate a rigidly gridded metropolitan area that highlights the uniformity and order imposed by the grid on the Houston landscape. By contrast, the Venice series shows us a city that organically follows the paths of its original waterways. Looking down on the canals and bridges that intersect them, we’re able to see how the city is not only unique because of its organic layout, but also because of the variation in scale of the inner canals and bridges.”

Flip through our gallery above and explore some of the quilted images from Molick’s exhibition in Venice.


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Love these images! Would be great to have similar images of other Texas cities.


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